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5 Risks To Your Event


Risks to your event

It’s never nice to have to think about worst case scenarios when you’re planning an event, but it’s really important to prepare for every eventuality. We’ve pulled together some of the most common, and potentially most disastrous things that could happen. So read on, and see which of the following might apply to your event.  
No shows

It’s the people that make an event work. Everyone from your individual delegates and speakers to your on-the-day organising team contribute to the success of your event. Although this is a great opportunity, it also poses a great risk. What happens if your attendance numbers are half what you’re expecting? What if your key speaker is ill on the day and can’t come?

What you can do: Make a list of all the people or groups of people who you need in attendance at your event and plan for what you would do if they didn’t turn up. Depending on the size of your event, it might be worth double checking your RSVPs a few days before to make sure you don’t have a large number of drop outs.

Whatever time of year you’re holding your event, you can’t guarantee the weather. If there are any elements of your event which are outdoors, rain could make it unbearable for your guests and although we tend to forget about it, the sun can get really hot during the summer months. Snow could hamper your guests’ ability to even get to your event or at least put people off from leaving their nice warm homes to attend.

What can you do: Make sure your venue has a brilliant wet weather, indoor space you can move your event into and that your outdoor area has either shade or shelter depending on the time of year. Also, if you’re holding an event in mid-winter, consider transport contingencies like taxi shuttle runs from the station to help out cold or reluctant attendees.
Health and safety

Unfortunately, there are several things that can go really wrong at event which can endanger the safety of your guests. Food poisoning, trip hazards, fires… these may seem like extremes, but there is a small possibility someone could get seriously hurt.

What you can do: Ensure your venue and caterers are reputable businesses by checking out their accreditations and get some quotes for insurance. Any red flags will soon show up.
Bad timings

A too-tightly-packed schedule, a date which clashes with something else your invitees might want to attend, over-running speakers or food and drink being served late can all cause chaos at an event. The knock-on effect of any bad time-keeping not only creates stress amongst the organising team, but attendees might also suffer if comfort and refreshments breaks fall by the wayside.

What you can do: First off, check your date doesn’t mean you’re limiting your guest list and make sure your schedule has a little wiggle room for a small amount of over-running. Give ample room in between sessions and allocate one person on the day to be in charge of the running order.
Picking the wrong venue

Although there are lots of decisions to make when you’re organising an event, the venue is probably the most important one. It will often dictate the caterers you use and sometimes other suppliers. You will also more than likely be using their serving staff – who then become the face of your event. More obviously it will decide the location your guests have to travel to, another big factor in attendance and experience.

What you can do: Thoroughly research all of your venue options, book site visits to a short-list and go armed with a lot of questions. It’s also worth asking for contact details of at least two of their current clients and don’t be afraid to talk to them about the negative factors of the potential venue.
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