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Creating a perfect first impression


There are lots of different elements that go towards creating a first impression at any event. Your venue’s entrance, staff and catering to name but a few. We’ve hosted hundreds of events here at W12 Conferences and we know how to help our organisers make the most of these opportunities. Want to find out our top tips?
First impressions
The first 10 minutes your guests spend at your event can hugely impact on their overall experience. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so be sure you get it right. 

What will your guests experience as they turn up at your venue? Will they immediately know that they are in the right place? It’s important for every organiser to understand that some of their attendees are going to feel out of their comfort zones, and it’s up to the planners to put them at ease. And it’s not just nervous guests that need reassurance. All delegates will want to see your branding as soon as they reach the venue so they can be sure they’ve got the date, time and address right.
Friendly face

At most events, the hour before kick-off is one of the busiest. Factor this into your planning and make sure at least one team member is completely free to be on meet and greet duty. There might be a few early arrivals and you want to make sure every single invitee is personally met by someone from the organising staff.

Knowing who is coming to your event is vital in giving a great welcome to delegates. If appropriate, contacting all attendees a few days before the event will ensure your RSVP list is as accurate as possible. Don’t leave printing name badges to the last-minute and make sure you have the facilities to create one for anybody who has somehow fallen through the cracks.

A staffed cloakroom is a fabulous way to relieve people of bags and coats which might have made them feel a little flustered on their journey. It also makes your seminar or lecture rooms look less-cluttered and reduces the chances of one of your attendees leaving something behind. It also adds a professional look to your registration or welcome area.
Welcome drinks

Whether you’re holding a conference, networking event or lunch, it’s important to give guests a drink as soon as they arrive at your event. Lots of people will have been travelling for a while and will appreciate the refreshment, and it also gives anyone arriving solo something to focus on while they scope out the room looking for people they might know.

Your welcome room should incorporate several seating areas so first arrivals don’t have to stand around feeling awkward. If there are any print outs for the upcoming talks, it might be an idea to give these out at this point so delegates can get ahead and also to give them something to do.

Hopefully your name badges will make it easy for your guests to make their own introductions, but it never hurts to give them a helping hand. This pre-seminar, milling around time is a great opportunity for your delegates to network, so help them make the most of it.
Welcome opportunities at W12 Conferences

Our west London purpose-built conference centre gives organisers the opportunity to brand our entrance and put signage up within the venue. Our catering menus provide affordable options to keep your guests going with ready supplies of great quality tea and coffee and a range of healthy and indulgent snacks. We can also provide full cloakroom facilities and our staff are always happy to offer organisers help and advice on how to get all the little details of your event right. If you have any questions or would like to book a show around our London conference venue, just give us a ring on +44 (0)20 3313 1606 or email

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