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Help your delegates optimise their time at your event


To run a successful conference you need committed and enthusiastic delegates. Their energy is what will fuel your event and as an organiser you should be doing everything in your power to help them be at their best throughout the day. Why not provide a simple guide to all of your potential attendees, giving them some pointers on how to get the most out of your event? We’ve pulled together some ideas to get you started, feel free to pass on whatever you feel is relevant!
Dear delegates…
Pre-event networking and preparation
Never turn up ‘cold’ to a conference. Familiarise yourself with the speakers and their subject matter well in advance. You could even begin to prepare some questions or topic areas you might like to discuss at the appropriate time. It’s also worth reaching out to some of your fellow delegates, perhaps old contacts you’d like to reconnect with or even new ones you might like to make. Breaking the ice in these ways will give you a fabulous head start at the event.
Be selective with the schedule
Attending every single session isn’t necessarily going to be the best use of your time. It might be better to skip a few items on your schedule in order to give those you do attend your full focus.
Turn your phone and email off for the entire duration of the event. The world can wait a day or two for you to get back to them. There will always be a temptation to catch up on correspondence in between sessions, but commit to not doing this. Use your time to jot down a few important points from the seminar you’ve just left or a question you forgot to ask. Once you’re done, look around for other attendees, you might be sitting next to your next big client, but you’ll never know if your head is buried in your phone.
Food and drink
Hopefully you’ll be served fabulous food and drink while you’re attending the conference. Keep meals light and avoid carbohydrate-heavy dishes otherwise you’ll be flagging come mid-afternoon. Plenty of water, and a couple of cups of tea or coffee will keep you hydrated and perky and try not to over-indulge when it comes to alcohol.
Network, network, network
The very idea of networking might fill you with dread, but meeting contacts is the second best thing (after the content) a conference has to offer. Save some energy for these events and be prepared to put yourself out there. If you’re finding it hard to speak to new people, don’t be afraid to ask someone from the organising team to make a few introductions. It might even be worth practicing what you would say when you’re telling someone who you are and what you do.
Create something
You might get more out of your time at a conference if you decide to produce something while you’re there. Perhaps you could post to your social media platforms throughout the event, write a blog at the end of the day or even compile a survey using the other delegates as your subjects. Whatever you choose it will end up adding value to your experience.
Share your findings
When you get back to the office, spend some time summarising your thoughts and findings from the event to share with your colleagues. Not only will they really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, it will help crystalise your thinking and give you a more structured take on your conclusions. 
Stay in touch
A handful of short emails to say well done to the organisers, hello to new contacts and thanks to the speakers is a great way to round up what will hopefully have been a successful conference. If you have any constructive feedback for the organisers it will undoubtedly be gratefully received.
The delegate experience at W12 Conferences
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