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How to keep meeting attendees stimulated


Whatever type of event you’re running, it’s not going to be a success if your attendees are bored and listless. As an organiser it’s your job to keep your delegates stimulated and this needs to be in the forefront of you mind in every decision you make. From the food you serve at lunch to how you structure time of in between sessions, everything will have an impact.
Help your attendees stay present and focused throughout your event with these simple tips on ‘attendee stimulation’. We’re confident there will be some you can apply to your next project…
Natural daylight
The chemicals in daylight act as a natural stimulant which will help your attendees keep their energy levels up during a lecture or meeting. Here at W12 Conferences all of our meeting rooms are flooded with natural light.
Fresh air
As well as keeping your room well aired to stop it getting stuffy and your invitees nodding off to sleep, encourage your delegates to go outside in between sessions. A blast of fresh air will help them recharge their batteries ready for the next fixture on their schedule. The courtyard at W12 Conferences offers visitors a sunny spot to gain a little respite in between talks.
It may seem really obvious, but one of the easiest ways to keep your attendees stimulated is to provide them with amazing content. As well as choosing some conventional speakers and topics, going for one session that might seem a little risky could pay off. Even if it doesn’t appeal to all of your delegates, people will appreciate you trying something interesting.
Lively debate is a sure-fire way to keep your attendees focused and interested in your meeting. Talk to your speakers about how they intend to encourage this. They will no doubt have lots of ideas themselves, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw in your own thoughts. These could include:
Ask lots of questions
Select members of the audience at random to participate
Create small groups within your meeting to discuss different topics and get them to report back on their findings
Caffeine and sugar
Never underestimate the power of serving good tea and coffee at regular intervals throughout the day. Biscuits and pastries are also a good idea to give guests a sugary pick-me-up. Although these bursts won’t last all day, they will help everyone be on great form for the next session.
Bathroom breaks
As well as being very necessary, giving everyone the chance to go to the loo allows attendees to stretch their legs and have a change of scenery. It also means you won’t have people unable to concentrate and contribute during a talk because they are crossing their legs.
Light lunches
Whereas you want your snacks and refreshments to be caffeine and sugar heavy, lunch should be healthy and light. The last thing you want to do is draw people down into an afternoon post-carbohydrate slump. Try and create a menu full of slow release foods (which include ingredients like quinoa, eggs and sweet potatoes) and this will reduce the risk of your attendees wanting a nap. The menus at W12 Conferences are created especially with delegates’ needs in mind.
If appropriate getting your guests to take part in some networking games in between talks will not only bring your group closer together, but will also help increase their focus and productivity for the rest of the day. Lots of the rooms at W12 Conferences come with adjoining spaces which work perfectly as breakout spaces. We’ve also got lots of ideas of games you can play, whoever your guests are.
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