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New Year's resolutions for event organisers



It’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to the last 12 months, and start looking forward to the next 12 with renewed energy and hope. So, what are you going to do to make 2018 even better than 2017? Need some ideas? We’ve put together a list of ten New Year’s resolutions for event organisers to consider…
1.  Take up a hobby
Okay, so it’s not exactly a revolutionary idea, but all too often the obvious things get overlooked. We all know that in order to do well at work we need to have a rich, fulfilling personal life and finding a hobby outside the workplace is a great step towards creating this. Pottery, learning the piano, painting – whatever floats your boat. Book it, pay for it and schedule it into your calendar at least once a week, you won’t regret it.
2.Set yourself goals
Is there something you’d really like to try and turn your hand to at work this year? Perhaps there’s a step up the ladder you feel you’re ready to make or some ideas you want to implement? Take some time to construct a plan as to how this is going to happen and ask to meet with your boss to go through it. Giving yourself something to strive for is a sure-fire way to start the year motivated.
3.Face up to bad habits
We all have them, and we all know what our short comings are. Maybe you hide behind email and avoid picking up the phone even though you know it’s not as efficient, or are the type of person who doesn’t bother double checking things as you opt for speed over accuracy. Get honest (and specific) with yourself about your bad habits and pledge to clean up your act.
4.Get rid of unhealthy office snacks
Crisps, chocolate, cake, biscuits – 99% of us turn to sugary or fatty snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon to see us through to the next meal. However, we all know that the quick fix food option will make us feel great for a short time, then we’ll crash about an hour later. Get organised and bring in nuts, seeds and other slow-release, healthy choices and you’ll immediately see an increase in productivity.
5.Use timelines
How many planners out there actually create a detailed timeline for their events? We thought so! A timeline is an organiser’s best friend. When done thoroughly it means the planning journey is smooth and stress-free, there really is no excuse not to put one together for every project you work on.
6.Take up meditation
Lots of people might immediately dismiss the idea of meditation as ‘not for them’, but there’s a reason it’s been around for thousands of years – it really does work. Mindfulness is an accessible way to harness the ancient practice of meditation and there are lots of free apps you can download that will guide you through the process, step-by-step. Benefits will stretch into every corner of your personal and work life making you more centred, focussed and better at keeping things in perspective. There really is no reason not to give it a go.
7. Start using daily stand ups and weekly sit downs
Events rely on lots of people pulling together, working on different strands of the same project with a common, ultimate goal. This requires fabulous communication and team work, which works best in a structured environment. To make sure everyone is filled in on the big picture, and aware of any changes or developments within the planning journey, get together every morning (remain standing around your desks so the meeting doesn’t drag on) and ask every member of the team to tell the group what they did yesterday and what they plan on doing today. If it’s a particularly large event, you might also like to meet once a week for a more detailed catch up for which you’ll need a meeting room – and chairs.
8. Drink lots of water
There’s a reason every healthy eating or lifestyle guide on the planet gushingly extols the virtues of drinking lots of water during the day – it’s because it really is so incredibly good for you! 6-8 glasses will curb unhealthy snack cravings, boost energy, improve mood, stave off headaches and generally increase your ability to do your job well. Buy a fancy water bottle to help incentivise yourself and find a water buddy in the office – you can help each other remember to keep up with it. (TIP – don’t forget to thoroughly wash your water bottle out EVERY day – particularly the lid. You wouldn’t re-use cutlery without washing it, apply the same hygiene standards to your water bottle or you’ll keep getting sick.)
9.Shake up stale ideas
While the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ goes a long way as far as organising events is concerned, it’s also worth remembering that if you’ve been planning the same event for 10 years and are getting a bit bored of certain aspects of it, it’s possible your guests are too. Speak to regulars and see what you can do to freshen up a potentially tired format. Little changes or add-ons could give an annual event a new lease of life.
10.Reach out to colleagues
Anyone working in the events industry knows it can be a fairly full-on job, especially in the immediate run-up to a show. There are times when the pressure gets too much and some people can struggle to cope. If there’s someone on your team you think might need some help, don’t be afraid to ask them.
So, which of the resolutions we’ve come up with here are you going to undertake? Remember, if you’re organising an event at W12 Conferences and you need any help whatsoever, we have a highly experienced in-house team of organisers who offer a management service. Just give the team a call on +44 (0)20 3313 1606. 

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