Delegate Management

Because conferences are about people, delegate management should underpin your planning. The delegate list, conference delegate packs and badges are important, but it’s also about making sure all aspects of the venue support your delegates. Always make sure managing your delegates is more than just an afterthought once the venue’s been selected and the conference designed.

What are the main factors influencing delegate management?

Experience shows that factors such as the following have a huge bearing on the success of a conference.

  • Choice of delegates
  • Choice of venue for events delagates
  • Access to the venue
  • Venue facilities – a vital part of delegate management
  • Administration and support
  • Delivery of the conference
  • Choice of delegates

Having identified the objective of your conference or meeting, identify a target audience and invite them to attend. As with any other communications exercise, the right conference delegate list is vital.

Choice of venue

Because of its effect on delegates, venue choice can ‘make or break’ a successful conference. It’s vital to select a venue that’s easy to reach by private and public transport, thereby ensuring that your audience is relaxed and predisposed to a positive event. For conferences lasting several days, on-site accommodation is important because it keeps delegates together in a cohesive group that makes the most of important ‘after hours’ socialising and networking time.

And of course, the range of rooms, their ability to be combined, and the range of available equipment helps ensure effective communication of your message. At W12 Conferences, our 11 different rooms (for anything from a couple of delegates to several hundred) come with all-important natural light, air-conditioning, and the latest audiovisual and Wi-Fi equipment.

Venue facilities

Even as your conference is in full swing, delegates and organisers must still manage busy work and private lives. To make life straightforward for conference participants, and keep them focussed on the event, the best conferences provide delegates with a great selection of shops, catering, relaxation areas and even on-site banking.

Administration and support

From your first enquiry to completion of a successful conference, the best venues will provide the delegate management services that make your event administration go smoothly. Ask your venue team how they’ll help with delegate management – then let them take the strain wherever possible.

With W12 Conferences, based conveniently in West London, you’ll benefit from the skills and experience of a great team who’ll help ensure that your delegate management leaves nothing to be desired. Contact us now to learn more about the range of delegates and events we’ve already successfully catered for.


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