Speaker Management

Whether the main speaker is your MD, one of the leading management speakers, or an eminent academic, speaker management is key to event planning. For many events, you can add impact with a celebrity speaker or an acknowledged specialist in your field. Booking event speakers should be given appropriate priority and done early in your planning:

  • Popular event speakers are in demand – don’t miss out on your choice
  • Top speakers are a big investment – give it the attention it deserves
  • Early planning ensures that you can arrange your event around a speaker

Given that a good speaker can transform an event, it really is worth prioritising this.

Booking event speakers

For many professional and academic conferences, speakers will be known to the organiser. You may be able to contact them directly, or use of a specialist speaker service to select and manage them (particularly for popular celebrities or well-known speakers on management topics). Whoever has responsibility for speaker management must address topics such as these:

  • Suitable choice of speaker
  • Availability
  • Collation of presentation materials into a standard format
  • Preparation of biographical material
  • Management of travel and accommodation
  • Briefing of rehearsal and conference times

Be prepared for high-profile speakers to have other special requirements, ranging from travel preferences to enhanced security. Whether you or an agency has the role of speaker manager, the venue should be involved as soon as possible so they can make the necessary provisions.

Speaker management nearer to the event

Once speakers are booked, it’s important to communicate with them (or their agency) during the run up to the event. Whether speaker services are hired, or attending as unpaid guests or contributors, ensure that they’re looked after properly. This ensures that they arrive relaxed and ready to deliver the presentation you expect.

It’s important that your speakers are fully conversant with the venue, and that the venue is kept informed about the speakers’ presentation requirements. Venues such as W12 Conferences are used to working with leading speakers, making them welcome and helping to ensure the best return on your investment.


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