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When you’re organising a small weekly sales briefing or disseminating important business or professional information to a large international team, the correct choice between conference venues can make or break the impact of your presentation.

As one of the most experienced and versatile conference venues in the UK, the W12 Conferences West London conference centre has everything you need for a successful event that will inspire, motivate and inform your team and add value to your company.

Choosing your conference venue


  • Suitability & Availability
  • Location (ease of access and proximity to other facilities)
  • Availability (the service you need, when you want it)
  • Size (capacity and versatility of room arrangement)
  • Facilities
  • Cost (the cheapest conference venues may not be the best)

Once you’ve considered these factors, you’ll know whether a conference venue can cater for the number of delegates you have in mind, and the facilities you need. Is it easy to get to, in a suitable environment, and will you be able to achieve your conference objectives with the available budget? And of course, you’ll quickly get a feel for the commitment and enthusiasm of the venue team – it’s the hard-to-define something at the heart of all successful conferences.

Amongst the finest London conference venues

On all these counts, W12 Conferences scores highly. We believe that few conference venues in London can offer such a powerful combination of benefits. Highlights of our conference offer include:

  • A solid track record as a London conference venue gives you peace of mind
  • 11 different rooms (and many different combinations) for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy access to Central London, UK and international transport infrastructure
  • Large capacity means more likelihood of availability when you want it
  • Excellent facilities cater for everyone’s needs during your conference
  • Competitive rates and efficient management of financials
  • A friendly, helpful team makes your event memorable



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