How to host a training session

Taking a group of staff off-site for a training session is an investment in time and budget. Make sure your next training session is value for money by getting the most out of the day with these easy steps to getting it right.

Set goals

Discuss with colleagues or your manager what it is you want the training session to achieve. Set clear objectives that you can measure and ensure everyone involved agrees what it is you’re hoping to accomplish with the event. This discussion will hopefully bring up any areas of contention within your team. 

Invite list

Who needs to be invited to attend the training session? Is it going to be made compulsory? Which individuals would benefit from the training? Are their people who would like a day out of the office but who don’t actually need to go? Create a definitive list before you start looking at venues or talking to your staff about it.

Line up diaries

Once you know the who and what, it’s time to nail down the when. If there are people who must attend, start with their diaries and work down your priority list. Make sure people are being as flexible as possible as the chances are there will be lots of invitees to juggle.

Communicate objectives

Let everyone know what you’re hoping they are going to be taking away at the end of the day’s training. It will help your team gear-up for the event and give your delegates time to do any appropriate background reading or preparation. It will also give everyone the chance to speak up if they think the training session isn’t relevant to them.

Select appropriate venue

By now you should have your numbers and a date, which means you can start looking for a venue. It’s important to make sure your venue has the AV equipment and facilities you need – think individual laptop points, mics, projectors, a reliable WiFi connection… create a wish list before you start making any phone calls.

A good venue will also have good public transport links, be close to your office and have spaces that are well-lit and spacious. It’s also worth finding out how much on-the-day help the Venue Team can offer, as there will be a lot going on and you will need support.

Create schedule of content

Decide how many sessions you want to break your content into and spread it out over the day, making sure you leave a decent amount of time for morning and afternoon refreshments, lunch and if appropriate, a networking drinks reception at the end of the day.

Catering and refreshments

To give your attendees a bit of a boost make sure your morning and afternoon snacks will provide a little energy kick (pastries, biscuits and fruit are a good choice) and that plenty of good coffee and tea are served alongside. Water should be constantly on offer and fruit juices are a nice touch for those who don’t favour hot drinks. Lunch should be light, tasty and healthy. As well as it being in your guests’ best interest to have a nourishing meal, it will also go a long way towards having a productive afternoon session. A carbohydrate-heavy meal could lead to sluggish learners – not great for results!


Evaluate the measurable goals you put in place at the start of your planning. Looking at the success of the day should also involve speaking to the people who attended, finding out how they felt the day went and if they have any suggestions for how it could be improved for next time.

Your next training session at W12 Conferences

Here at W12 Conferences we have all the technology, catering, staff and facilities you’ll need to host your next London training session. We also have an expert, in-house organising team who can offer you all the support and advice you need if you have too much on your plate. Give them a call to discuss the details of your event and the dates you had in mind. You can reach them on 020 3313 1606.