Vegetarian and vegan options at W12 Conferences

It won’t have escaped the attention of any eagle-eyed organiser, that there’s a growing trend amongst the general populace towards a more plant-based diet. As consumers become more aware of – and concerned by – the ethical and environmental issues raised by eating meat, there’s been a large increase in the tick box for special dietary requirements on RSVPs coming back checked. This has meant caterers have had to up their game. 

Long gone are the days when the vegetarian option at an event consisted of some limp mushrooms swilling around in a tasteless white sauce. With more and more focus on the vegetarian and vegan options at events, chefs have had to get creative with their menus and here at W12 Conferences, our kitchens have truly risen to the challenge. Let us talk you some of the delicious dishes you can offer your veggie and vegan delegates at one of our events.


We all know that food is fuel. A tasty, healthy breakfast is a great way to kickstart any morning meeting – it will not only provide your attendees with the energy to perform their best at your event, it will also spread a feeling of good will amongst your guests as everybody likes being fed well. Delegates at events at W12 Conferences can enjoy a range of tasty, plant-based dishes including Portobello Mushroom Muffins, French Croissants and mini French Pastries. For a vitamin C hit we also served a range of fruit juices.


Organisers at W12 Conference events can choose between a working lunch, a two-course served lunchbowl food or a buffet. The finger-food buffet also works really well when accompanying a drinks reception. Whichever option you go for, you’re guaranteed some fabulous vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Highlights from our menus include served main courses like; Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, Spiced Vegetables with Stir-fried Noodles, Bean and Squash Tagine and a Sweet Pepper and Aubergine Balti. Our chefs particularly enjoy creating veggie dishes with big flavours and these never fail to impress.

Bowl food

Favourites include a Quorn Bolognese with Basil, Roasted Vegetable Frittata and a Warm Salad of Goats’ Cheese and Rocket. The buffet option promises delights such as Vegetable Samosas, Spinach & Pepper Frittata, a Caribbean Chickpea Fritter and a Tomato Mozzarella & Basil Bruschetta.


Keeping your delegates regularly topped up with good coffee, tea and soft drinks is essentially for morale and engagement levels. We also see a noted difference in energy levels when a selection of biscuits and sweet muffins are also served.

The great thing about veggie dishes is that chefs get to really embrace the tastes of the seasons. Serving fresh, local produce when it’s in season means flavours are at their best, food miles at their lowest and the event at which the menu is served feels current and in touch with its environment.


Our team of chefs can provide a range of menu options for you and your guests and can adapt their dishes to accommodate any special dietary requirements. Take a look at our full menus here or contact our Events Team to discuss your next project on +44 (0)20 3313 1606.